Working with Courtney is a dream. They’re the kind of scene partner who will jump at the chance to help you realize a creative vision AND look phenomenal doing it. Back in October 2013, Courtney and I made a magical discovery while shooting with Shilo McCabe for an International Fisting Day spread – we could fist each other SIMULTANEOUSLY! We were so enamored with the act that we coined the term “fisty-nining” and vowed to do it again as soon as possible. Fast forward to a few weeks ago: Courtney knows that I have a bit of a competitive streak, so when they suggested playing Twister, I jumped at the chance. Especially since getting into all those slippery, limber positions created the perfect environment for more fisty-nining! No bones about it, this scene was HOT. The crackling flirtatious femme energy started when we compared our adorable coordinated outfits, continued on as we marked our bodies with lipstick to satiate our pervy POV game mistress’s whims, and combusted during the hardcore double hand-in-cunt fucking! I can’t wait to work with Courtney again.

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