This solo was incredibly challenging for me – there’s so much going on behind the scenes that the viewer isn’t automatically aware of! I’m not very much of an exhibitionist, despite all of the work I do that seems contradictory, and this particular scene pushed my boundaries in a big way. We were literally shooting between a busy road and a large family having some kind of picnic celebration. Though we’d started out having the idyllic forest nook to ourselves, the family showed up halfway through and kept encroaching on our space, forcing my videographer and I deeper and deeper into the woods – even after we’d warned them that we were doing a racy “boudoir photoshoot” and that they may want to tether their young kids! I had to work hard to tune the sounds of laughter, conversation, and cars backfiring out so that I could relax and slip into a sexy headspace. I knew I had to stifle my moans as well – when I came, I almost bit my tongue to keep from crying out! Being quiet is definitely NOT my strong suit! I love the way the footage turned out – I think it’s one of the most visually stunning scenes I’ve ever done.

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