Andre graduated cum laude from Towson University in Maryland with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and LGBT Studies in 2010. She worked in HIV risk assessment, harm reduction education, and community activism in Baltimore from 2008-2011, studied at San Francisco State University’s National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC) in 2010, and graduated from San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI)’s Sex Educator Training in Fall 2013. She held educator and sales associate positions at sex-positive adult boutiques Sugar (Baltimore, MD) and Feelmore510 (Oakland, CA) and is currently working on an anthology of short autobiographical essays detailing her experiences as a sex worker.

Andre is available to speak as a panelist on her experiences as a performer, sex worker, queer cisgender woman, and member of the Kink/BDSM community. She is also available to facilitate a number of workshops at your next conference or event, no matter how big or how small, and can tailor those workshops to accommodate any audience. She has taught classes, moderated panels, and filmed instructional clips for Dark Odyssey, Sugar, The Garden, PassionateU, KinkU, Kink Academy, Feelmore510, Towson University, University of Maryland, The Feminist Porn Conference, International Ms Leather, Passional Sexploratorium, and many more. In addition, she’s available to provide one-on-one Skype consultations. To book Andre, or for more information, please contact her directly at

All classes are 90 minutes in length and are open to all genders, orientations, relationship structures, ages, abilities, and ethnicities unless otherwise stated.


A) Movement-Based Classes

1. Strip Like You Mean It (Pole Dancing 101)

Have you ever been overcome by the desire to straddle an unsuspecting lamppost? Do support beams get you dizzy with excitement? If so, you just might be suffering from an acute case of “stripper envy,” and there’s good news: it’s totally curable! In the “Strip Like You Mean It” series, you’ll finally harness both the confidence and the coordination you need to show that pole who’s boss. Learn basic struts, spins, twirls, inversions, and some fancy stuff, too! In addition to picking up some sexy moves, you’ll get an amazing upper body and abdominal workout. Let’s face it – professional strippers have some of the best bodies around, and it’s not simply coincidental. So grab some friends, and leave your inhibitions in your cabin. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even “make it rain”….

2. The Art of Erotic Dance (Introductory Lap-Dancing Class)

When we find ourselves thoroughly infatuated with a new partner, often we’re so excited to get to the main action that we tragically overlook an opportunity for a little old-school seduction. Likewise, if your seasoned relationship has begun to feel stale, you may be scrambling to once again rev up your partner’s engine. Never fear! With Andre Shakti as your guide, you’ll first learn to approach erotic dance as an internal process, then absorb tips and tricks for negotiation, costuming, roleplaying, and harnessing confidence. Finally, you’ll pick up some sizzling choreography to help incorporate erotic dance into your sexual repertoire. Come clothed comfortably in whatever makes you feel desirable, and keep in mind that participation is required!

3. Striptease for Sex (Striptease, Basic BDSM, & Kink on a Budget)

Ever wish you could gracefully navigate and elongate those moments between being fully dressed and completely nude? Has a partner suggested you “dance” for them, and you were confused by what they meant? Did you scratch your head through “Showgirls” or “Flashdance” wondering how they make stripping look so effortless? Then this is the class for you! With Andre Shakti as your guide, you’ll discover the history of striptease and learn the art of clothing removal paired with confidence-boosting exercises and seductive dancing techniques. In addition to obtaining a range of sexy tips and tricks for getting out of any piece of clothing, you’ll also learn how to incorporate a partner into the fun, and how to use the clothes you shed as props in the bedroom! This workshop is open to all, but keep in mind that participation IS required! Come dressed in clothing you can move comfortably in, and bring lots of layers!

B) Academic/Panel

1. Love the Whore You’re With (How to be a Better Partner/Ally to Sex Workers)

Each sex worker has their own understanding of both the “Sex” and the “Work” aspects of their job. We use many tools for our trade, and since these tools often include sharing parts of our bodies, our brains, and our hearts with clients, we also face many challenges in our “off-the-clock” relationships. Join professional slut Andre Shakti to discuss how we can work to strengthen our sexual and loving relationships, and how those who love us and fuck us can work to be excellent partners. We’ll be discussing what tools we can borrow from models of non-monogamy and kink negotiations (addressing jealousy, asserting and accepting desires and boundaries), but also emphasizing the ways that work relations differ from other kinds of intimacy (navigating STIs, plus all those pesky feelings!). This workshop is for roommates who don’t judge, for friends who remind us of the difference between our real selves and our personas, for partners who do the work of understanding the difference between what we share with clients and what we share with you, and for anyone who is curious about how workers would like to be humanized and respected.

2. Boudoir Basics (A DIY Guide to Orchestrating Your First Sexy Photoshoot)

This class is for DIY first-time models who are not interested in hiring a professional photographer/MUAH professional. Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate a milestone (new job, new marriage, divorce, pregnancy, etc) or preparing a special gift for your loved one, boudoir photography can be an exhilarating, empowering opportunity for you to celebrate your own sensuality and embrace a little glamour! In this class we’ll cover finding creativity and inspiration, costuming, makeup and hair styling, adding jewelry and props, photography tips (lighting, angles, environments, etc), and striking various flattering poses!

3. Dropping the Hint, Not the Ball! (Flirting 101, with Optional Specifications for Poly and/or Queer Demographics)

Sadly, in today’s “how-to” age, there are more contradictory and harmful myths about flirting floating around out there than there is practical advice. “Don’t fuck on the first date!” “Play hard to get!” “Don’t talk about past relationships!” “Wear something flattering, but not too conservative or revealing!” Hardly ever do the instructions given account for diversity in sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship style, let alone personal preference! Join performer, educator, and professional flirt Andre Shakti as she identifies the self-imposed “roadblocks” that make flirting difficult and works with your individual personality style to maximize your success without losing sight of who you are and what you REALLY

4. Fisting & Manual Sex (Beginner/Intermediate Vaginal Fisting, G-Spotting, & Fingering)

Discover why one hand is better than none, and two hands are better than one! Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers! In this class we’ll cover internal and external anatomy, negotiation and communication, as well as a multitude of variations and techniques. You’ll never look at hands the same way again!



“Andre has such a comfortable, confident presence – her energy lights up a room, and her patience with students and sense of humor about the material make the information really approachable.”

“I had so much fun today! My wife and I had never been to a [fisting class] before, and we signed up on a whim. I thought I was going to be the one experimenting on HER, but the instructor covered anal fisting and prostate play so thoroughly that now the opportunities seem endless!”

“I was so happy to see a flirting class that was inclusive of non-monogamous relationships, and also that acknowledged different personality types. I don’t think I’ll ever be confident enough to just walk up and hit on someone, but [the instructor] made me feel like I wasn’t broken and that I still had options available to me.”

“I loved this [erotic dance] class. I came with two friends, kind of reluctantly, thinking I was going to be put on the spot. I’m super uncoordinated, didn’t want people staring at me. But the way Andre had us practicing as a group took the pressure off. And the dance moves were pretty simple but still looked sexy when we put them together. I’m glad I came!”

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