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Happy New Year, Lovers!

Please excuse my tardiness in checking in with you all – I trust you rang in 2015 with ASS, SASS, and CLASS.

I go-go danced at the last NYE party at San Francisco’s infamous iconic dyke bar The Lexington Club, aka “The Lex”. For those of you who have been living under rocks, The Lex is quasi-non-consensually closing early this year, and queers are NOT pleased.

“A few years back my rent was raised to market rate, which was really challenging for us to adjust to. Then, the demographics and economics of the neighborhood around us continued to change faster and faster. As the neighborhood continued to change, we began to see sales decline, and they continued to do so until it became clear that The Lex model was not going to be viable much longer,” said the owner in an October 2014 article.

I was honored to get asked to professionally boogie down for this no-holds-barred (yet emotionally poignant) event, and it was everything I imagined it would be. Hopefully I’ll have some photos to share soon!

While I’m not in the habit of making New Years’ resolutions, I did set an intention of sorts at the start of the year. I went through quite a transition recently – I ended the longest romantic relationship of my life, moved, adopted a dog, and got a raise as well as increased hours at my “muggle” job, all within the span of two months. No big deal, right? My animals are certainly not in agreement – here’s a shot of them barely tolerating each other on my bed:

Girl, Derp, & my leather rack.

Girl, Derp, & my leather rack.

Anyway, I’ve decided to be more responsible with my finances, which means less traveling (on my own dime, that is), and more chill time spent at home with my loved ones (furry and otherwise). So far, so good!

So what else has been keeping me on my toes, you ask?

– I created an Instagram account that was disabled after only two weeks due to this shocking and distressing photo of my ass:


Don’t worry, a weekly support group is available for those in need.

– I was interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine for a series of profiles on women who work in the sex industry.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.21.03 PM

– I was quoted online via Elle Magazine plugging my FAVORITE vibrator of all time, the Hitachi Magic Wand!

– I joined the planning committee for a brand new sexuality conference in Atlanta, GA in October 2015 called Sex Down South!



I’ll be producing the Saturday evening entertainment (including cabaret performances, kink/BDSM demos, and a play party), as well as teaching classes and organizing the sex worker presence at the conference (which could include classes, panels, and/or discussion groups) while helping out with other odds and ends. We’re now accepting workshop proposals, so check it out!

BAN THIS SICK FILTH! has been released via Courtney Trouble on!

BTSF-cover copy-300x400

“A compilation of films and interviews on porn censorship and its impact in the UK and USA, “Ban This Sick Filth!” is a political and sexual revolution. This collaboration between American performers/producers Kitty Stryker and Courtney Trouble also features hardcore content and interviews from British performer/producer Pandora Blake. Originally planned to highlight censored acts in the UK, this film was also denied DVD distribution in the US because of some of the consensual acts depicted.”

Because I’m just your BEST FRIEND EVER, here are are some hot exclusive stills from my fisting scene with Kitty Stryker. You can read more about why the cast and crew of BAN THIS SICK FILTH! chose to fight obscenity with obscenity HERE on Kitty’s website. As she so eloquently comments: “In lieu of all the fervor about freedom of speech, I feel inclined to remind folks that obscenity is one of a few things not protected under ‘freedom of speech’.” How right you are, Kitty.



– Finally, I want to plug my good friend Sinclair Sexsmith’s upcoming online course: Submissive Playground.

Submissive Playground is an 8-week course for submissive identified folks who want to explore their submission deeper. During the course, they read erotica, watch porn, read how-to articles, and engage in a community of submissives to identify what kind of submissives they are, where their strengths are, and which growth edges they’d like to push. Each of the 4 modules (bondage, discipline, service, masochism) has homework and exercises that they actually go DO.

Sexsmith is a renowned writer, sacred intimacy coach, feminist dominant, and identity puzzler (not to mention a total fox), and I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about Submissive Playground. But hurry: Registration will close January 16, 2015, and the course begins January 19th!

That’s all, folks! Until next time, remember…



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