Hi there! I’m Andre Shakti, & I’m one of the busiest (& queerest!) gals in porn. Not only do I frequently shoot video content & work as a live webcam model, but I also produce monthly nightclub entertainment, go-go dance, perform burlesque, write erotica, teach workshops & facilitate panels on relationships, desire, and sexual safety, and SO much more!

I have a uniquely authentic, educational, personal approach to the XXX content I shoot. Simply put, I don’t film content that doesn’t genuinely turn me on, and I’m out to re-eroticize acts and experiences that are traditionally taboo in today’s industry. If you’re watching one of my scenes, you can guarantee that I hand-picked my costar(s), suggested the sexy activities we’re doing, & am REALLY getting off. I’m a pretty big perv, & my sexual interests range from the vanilla/softcore varieties to the radically kinky ones. As such, you’ll ALWAYS have the opportunity to ask me ANY questions about what you watch me do! I’m an open book, and I can’t wait to meet you!

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