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Posted by on Jul 29, 2019 in BDSM, Fetishes, Kink, Sex Toys | 0 comments

The Slutty Girl’s Big Black Cock Survival Guide

The Slutty Girl’s Big Black Cock Survival Guide

So you meet this black man and he is everything you’d ever desired: powerful, sexy, cute, funny, and bright… the entire package. You are getting on good and you begin making out. And you are like, “Wow, this will take place.” This will happen. You begin touching each other, your top comes off, and his shirt comes off. Next is your bra. And after that, you realize…

His Dick Is Huge

Maybe it’s wide. Maybe it’s long. Or perhaps it is both. You’ve got this moment if you are like, “That is complete on porn celebrity dick. I cannot even cope. Big dicks are based on men of all sizes and shapes. Past pseudoscience linking dick dimensions to shoe dimensions and/or height was shown false. The one thing science is currently saying may forecast dick size is indicator finger dimensions relative to ring finger dimensions.

How Can It Possibly Fit Inside Me?

I always tell friends to always remember, your vagina could literally push a baby. Much like, infants are fucking enormous in contrast to penises. Granted, there are a few complications for this, such as tears and harm… However, for many penises, your own vagina may (generally) manage it with the ideal preparation, which is. There is a range of things that you can do in order to prepare for this. If penetration is causing you pain, please consider that as your system’s signal to stop. We urge several techniques including foreplay, comfort, lubrication, and attempting different places.


The main thing is to be certain you’re stimulated and excited. Foreplay becomes the extreme of significance. With smaller men, you could have the ability to spend the dick right in, but trust me, it is going to be debilitating if you attempt to push an extra peen in until you are ready. As you are playing about with foreplay- hitting, touching, making out, nipple play and joining up each other, etc., — perform along with his dick, also. Get familiar with how big it on your hands, from your basement, and anyplace. Fundamentally — possess that dick.

Putting It In

When you get into this point where you feel prepared to take it, ensure you slather up your pussy and his dick with lots and lots of high quality lubricant. Distract yourself as he is entering by continuing to make him out or doing anything with a different body area that will continue to keep your head off ideas such as,” Ow, that will hurt.” If it feels somewhat tight if he is very first interior, ask him to cease and just sort of hang out There for a moment while the pussy grows, then gradually begin going in it.

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